Biostatistics Consulting Center

The Biostatistics Consulting Center is a unit within the Biostatistics Department of the College of Public Health. The unit was established to provide biostatistical consulting to the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM), and continues to offer expert statistical consulting for the CCOM researchers, as well as other health science researchers at the University of Iowa Colleges of Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Full-time and student consultants from the Biostatistics Consulting Center work with investigators during all phases of health science research: proposal development, study design, data form or questionnaire development, data entry, data management, statistical analysis, and report preparation. We are actively involved in research projects ranging from brief consultations to long-term collaborative research.

Departmental faculty members are available as consultants to Center staff and to all faculty, staff, and students of the health science colleges should the need arise.

Biostatistics Consulting Center Staff

Dr. M. Bridget Zimmerman, Director
Professor (Clinical)
Phone: (319) 384-1590

In addition, biostatistics graduate students are employed as consultants as well.

Fees (Effective 7/1/07)

Consulting fees for statistical consulting services provided by Dr. Zimmerman, or another faculty, are charged at $100 per hour. Statistical consulting work provided by Biostatistics graduate student staff is charged at $60 per hour.

Long term student consulting services will be charged at the following rates:
- 20 hours a week $3,200 a month
- 10 hours a week $1,600 a month