boa.plot.density(boa)R Documentation

Plot Density Functions


Estimates and displays, in a single plot, the density function(s) for the specified parameter(s).


boa.plot.density(lnames, pname, bandwidth = boa.par("bandwidth"),
window = boa.par("kernel"), annotate = boa.par("legend"))


lnames Character vector giving the names of the desired MCMC sequence in the working session list of sequences.
pname Character string giving the name of the parameter to be plotted.
bandwidth Function for computing the bandwidth used in estimating the density functions for parameters. This should take one argument which is a numeric vector of data on which density estimation is to be performed. A constant bandwidth may be specified by having this function return the desired constant.
window Character string giving the type of window used in estimating the density functions for the parameters. Available choices are "cosine", "gaussian", "rectangular", or "triangular".
annotate Logical value indicating that a legend be included in the plot.


A logical value indicating that the plot was successfully created.


Brian J. Smith

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