• Christy and Dave

    Dr. Christine Petersen and Dr. David O'Connor at the 2016 Great Plains Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference. Dr. David O'Connor was the 2016 keynote speaker.

  • Maggie Dave Debra Christy

    Dr. Margaret Chorazy, Dr. David O'Connor, Dr. Dawn Dudley, and Dr. Christine Petersen after Dr. O'Connor's keynote address at the 2016 GPEID Conference.

  • group photo normal

    Annual kick-off of the distance DVM for veterinarians program, the Zoonotic Diseases course was taught by Dr. Lyric Bartholomay, Medical Entomologist, University of WI, and Christine Petersen. June 1-5, 2015.

  • lunch table photo

    Christine Petersen, Doug Beardsley (Johnson County Director of Public Health), Wade Aldous, and others chat over lunch during the Great Plains Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference.

  • panel with Wade Edith Sue and Bill F

    Panel session from "House on Fire" collegiate book club. From left to right: Sue Curry (Dean of the College of Public Health), Bill Foege, Wade Aldous, Edith Parker.

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About CEID

Established in 2003, the University of Iowa Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases is focused on research and training in cross-cutting emerging infectious diseases, particularly those that are zoonotic. The Center is operated by faculty from the Department of Epidemiology within the University of Iowa and the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Preventative Medicine at the Veterinary College at Iowa State University. CEID has won a national reputation for excellence in One Health zoonotic disease research in areas of vector borne disease, anti-microbial resistance, and environmental, occupational, and wildlife exposures to infectious diseases.