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The Center for Public Health Statistics (CPHS) was established in 1999 in the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa. CPHS is administratively designated as a collegiate center and it serves as a clearinghouse for federal and local databases of interest to college researchers. It provides formal and informal educational resources on statistical issues arising from the use of public health data and as a source of outreach and service to the community and the state.


Part of the service component of the mission of CPHS is to provide statistical and data management expertise for researchers in the health sciences, as well as access to and advice on using large publicly-available national databases, such as those from the National Center for Health Statistics. CPHS continues to develop liaisons to provide access to other important public health databases, including those held by the Iowa Department of Public Health and the administrative health insurance claims data from both Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa and the Iowa Medicaid Program.

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Jacob Oleson is the interim director of the Center for Public Health Statistics.

In addition we have 3 faculty members from Biostatistics. We have 4 students working as Graduate Research Assistants and 6 staff members who work as analysts, statisticians, software developers and data assistants.

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CPHS produces the biennial edition of the Iowa Health Fact Book in partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health. The Iowa Health Fact Book is a compilation of county-specific health indicators, health resources, and facts of interest to public health professionals in Iowa. In addition, CPHS is actively engaged in a number of federally-funded research projects in several areas of public health. CPHS is actively involved in collaborative relationships within The University of Iowa, at the community level, the state level, and the national level. The Center's goals are to generate and distribute community and state-wide public-health statistical data.

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