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About the Certified Safe Farm Program



The Certified Safe Farm (CSF) program began in 1998 at the University of Iowa Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (I-CASH) as a research program in collaboration with the AgriSafe Network. The aim of the program is to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses in the program’s population by providing

  • Tractor in shedAn occupational health screening
  • On-farm safety review with standards
  • Personalized and group education
  • Incentives such as cash, insurance discounts, or agribusiness discounts.

Since 1998, the program has evolved into several specialized modules such as the standard program for family farms, Dairy Farmer Study, the Elderly Farmer Study, and two new programs under development: Large Farms and a Self-audit.

Health Screening
The occupational health screening is conducted by trained agricultural nurses at a participating AgriSafe Provider lcoation. The health screening includes:

  • An occupational history evaluation
  • Health screening
  • General wellness screening

The results of each test are explained to the client in relationship to the information collected from talking to the farmer in addition to their occupational history form.

On-Farm Safety Review
The on-farm safety review is provided by farm safety reviewers trained by University of Iowa safety specialists. The on-farm safety review uses a comprehensive checklist (sample tractors page) developed by the University of Iowa which includes 15 evaluation categories:

  • Tractors
  • Combines
  • Gravity flow, auger, and forage wagons
  • Portable augers
  • Riding lawn mowers
  • Skid steer and wheel loaders
  • Other machines, self-propelled
  • Other machines, non-self-propelled
  • Swine and poultry structures
  • Dairy and beef structures
  • Storage structures
  • Machine shop, repair area
  • Hand and power tools
  • Chemical storage
  • Outdoor working environment

The farm safety reviewer schedules a time to conduct the review while the client is available to accompany the reviewer. The reviewer will evaluate each structure and piece of equipment using the checklist and deduct points for unsafe conditions.

  • Farmer and inspectorFarmer accompanies the reviewer
  • Provides education and assistance
  • Scores farm. Must score a minimum of 85% to pass

Incentives Component

Cash incentives have been provided to farmers for obtaining certification status and have proved valuable in helping CSF farmers make changes on their farms during the research phase.

CSF has engaged the insurance and agribusiness communities in attempts to secure discounts for “certified safe” farmers and is continuing the effort to provide discounts to farmers who have made a commitment to actively improve the health and the safety of their farm.

Farmer Feedback

Farmers have found the program

  • Useful
  • Applicable to everyday life
  • Successful in promoting attitude and behavior change