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Certified Safe Farm Program


Successful Farmings' Operation FarmSafe: Receive a free Certified Safe Farm review as well as a $2,500 grant for safety improvements: more information in this Successful Farming article (posted 4/5/2012)

Farming is a critically important sector of the United States economy. It is also one of the most dangerous occupations. In 2005 agriculture had the highest occupational fatality rate (32.5/100,000 workers) (CFOI, 2006).

This is an industry in need of an innovative program like Certified Safe Farm (CSF). Everyday farmers face hazardous work and living environments. This voluntary program aims to improve the health and well-being of farmers and their families while offering an innovative combination of benefits for farmers and their public and private sector partners.

The CSF program is a multi-faceted agricultural intervention program designed to reduce the rate of injuries and illnesses in the agricultural population. The program consists of four main components that work together to offer the best opportunity for changing attitudes and behaviors of farmers. The four components are:

  • An occupational health screening
  • An on-farm safety review with performance standards
  • Personalized and group education
  • Incentives such as insurance discounts or agribusiness discounts