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Farm Safety and Health Fact Sheets


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Iowa's Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

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Grain Dust Warning:
Harmful Effects of Aflatoxin and Endotoxin


Grain Dust- List of websites and research articles

National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety:

2014 Childhood Agricultural Injuries Fact Sheet


Iowa State University Extension:

Agricultural Health:

Agricultural Health Study: Iowa Study Update 2008

Agricultural Health Study - Risk Factors for Agricultural Injury

Anhydrous Ammonia Safety: Play It Safe with Anhydrous Ammonia -- Safe Farm

Emergency Response: How to Respond to Farm Injuries -- Safe Farm

Lend an Ear to Hearing Protection -- Safe Farm

Manage Stress to Increase Farm Safety -- Safe Farm

Respiratory Safety: Lungs Need Protection from Farm Dust -- Safe Farm

Safety and Health: How to Protect Yourself from Farm Dust - Disaster Recovery Series

Safety and Health: What You Need to Know About Silo Gas, a Deadly Killer - Disaster Recovery Series

Child Safety:

Farm Safety for Young Children

Farm Youth Safety: Keep Young Children Safe on Farms -- Safe Farm

Farm Youth Safety: Know Laws About Youth Farm Workers -- Safe Farm

Review Family Farm Safety Rules -- Safe Farm

Youth Safety: Match Age, Abilities to Farm Chores -- Safe Farm


Farm Equipment Safety:

Agricultural Health Study -- Risk Factors for Injury from Livestock and Farm Machinery

All-Terrain Vehicle Safety: ATV Safety for Farm Work, Recreation -- Safe Farm

Electrocution Hazards on the Farm -- Safe Farm

Employers' Instructional Guide For Training Employees Who Operate Agricultural Tractors

Evaluate Equipment for Dangers -- Safe Farm

Farm Machinery Safety: Recognize Limitations to Avoid Injury -- Safe Farm

Farm Machinery Safety: Reduce Farm Accident Risks on Roads -- Safe Farm

Handle Your Grain Harvest with Care -- Safe Farm

Harvest Safety Yields Big Dividends -- Safe Farm

Lawnmower Safety: Practice Lawnmower Safety on Farms -- Safe Farm

Manure Storage Safety: Manure Storage Poses Invisible Risk -- Safe Farm

New Look For Farm Safety: Reflective & Fluorescent Tape

Tractor Safety: Extra Riders Mean Extra Dangers -- Safe Farm

Use SMV Emblems for Your Safety -- Safe Farm

Use Tractors with ROPS to Save Lives -- Safe Farm


Livestock Safety:

Agricultural Health Study -- Risk Factors for Injury from Livestock and Farm Machinery

Livestock Safety: Know Your Livestock and Be Safe -- Safe Farm


Pesticide Exposure:

Agricultural Health Study: Pesticide Residues in the Homes of Farm Families

Learn About Pesticides and Clothes -- Safe Farm

Pesticide Safety: Keep Gloves Handy for Pesticide Work -- Safe Farm

The Worker Protection Standard: Rules to Improve Pesticide Safety -- Safe Farm


Sun Exposure:

Remember Sun Safety in the Field -- Safe Farm