UI IPRC Research Initiatives

The IPRC’s primary goal is to control and prevent injuries, especially in rural communities, focusing on interdisciplinary research that leads to effective intervention. The UI IPRC research team continues to grow and includes at least 39 researchers from 16 departments in the Colleges of Public Health, Medicine, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Pharmacy. The UI IPRC has been especially successful at encouraging collaborations between public health researchers, engineers, and behavioral scientists. For example, collaborations with the engineers involved in simulation research has brought together public health researchers, neurologists, computer scientists, psychologists, and human factors engineers to examine safe driving topics of high priority. These collaborations have fostered the careers of IPRC investigators and helped them mentor new injury control researchers. The UI IPRC is committed to encouraging and supporting investigators interested injury control research. For more information see Research Support.

Since the Center’s founding in 1990, rural injury prevention has always been a prominent theme and research activities have focused generally on unintentional injuries, rural populations, and applications of simulation technology. By recruiting and attracting new faculty, collaborators, and community partners over the past several years a “critical mass” has been created in certain focus areas that facilitates the broadening of research activities that addresses issues that affect urban as well as rural Americans. The Center is organized into six Expert Research Teams of IPRC faculty collaborators who are responsible for fostering injury prevention research and activities in a particular area. The six focus areas are:

• Acute Care Research
• Simulation and Human Factors Research
• Interpersonal Violence Research
• Behavioral Sciences and Evaluation Research
• Emerging Issues in Rural Injury Research
• International Research

UI IPRC Research Projects

Ongoing and completed research projects within the UI IPRC range in size from small one-year projects to large multi-year studies. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources including University programs, state and federal agencies, and foundations. All projects, both large and small, have been fruitful in producing Center investigator publications.

The UI IPRC multidisciplinary research program continues to grow in both numbers and focus areas. The Center has successfully leveraged NCIPC/CDC center funds to secure additional research support from many different sources. Since 2002, IPRC investigators have been awarded more than 107 grants representing over $52 million in total funds. Included in these research awards are more than $12 million in the area of driving simulation and human factors, $10 million for violence-related studies, over $7 million for aging studies, and more than $6.8 million for occupational injury studies. Click here to view a list of UI IPRC research projects.

UI IPRC Pilot Grant Program

2015 IPRC Request for Proposals Instructions

Pilot Research Grant Proposals must be received no later than March 9, 2015.


Since 1993, the IPRC has administered a successful pilot grant program that encourages new injury control research projects that help shape the future of the field, as well as the Center. (List of UI IPRC pilot grant awards) Typical pilot program awards are up to $25,000 for one-year projects.

Specific aims of the pilot grant program are:
• To identify and support new areas of injury control research that compliment and strengthen our Center’s mission.
• To provide initial support for young investigators or those new to the field of injury control, to help them reach their injury control research objectives.
• To encourage investigators from other disciplines to apply their expertise to the field of injury control.

The pilot grant program exemplifies the strong institutional support provided the UI IPRC. The pilot program is funded through contributions from the College of Public Health, College of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Vice President for Research. Their contributions create a total institutional commitment of $450,000 over the Center’s five-year grant cycle.

For more information on the IPRC Pilot Grant Program please contact Deputy Director Lisa Roth.


UI IPRC Investigator Publications

The Center’s large numbers of research projects have lead to significant contributions to the injury research literature. IPRC-affiliated researchers have published over 200 peer reviewed articles since 2000 (see publication list). These articles have reached a very broad audience, being published in more than 100 different journals in a wide variety of specializations.