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This lab, headed by Christine Petersen, focuses on leishmaniasis caused by several different subspecies of the Leishmania parasite. While endemic in tropical areas, including areas of South America and the Mediterranean, this disease has become more prevalent in temperate regions such as the United States through vertical transmission rather than its natural sandfly vector. Due to its zoonotic capabilities and current lack of a reliable vaccine, early detection and treatment is absolutely necessary. Please visit the additional links to learn more about leishmaniasis and the research our lab is currently conducting in order to obtain a greater understanding of the causative agents at work.


From left to right: Raeann Shimak, Pedro Martinez, Kevin Esch, Rachel Juelsgaard, Doug Jones,
Christy Petersen, Ryan Schafbuch, Sarah Mull, and Alyona Avdonina. Not Pictured: Jenny Li