Resource Toolkits

"A Call to Mentoring" Toolkit

The “Mentor Manager Toolkit” is designed especially for employers of direct care/service professionals such as home health aides, certified nursing assistants, hospice aides, direct support professionals, and others who provide most of the hands on care and support to older Iowans and kids and adults with disabilities. The “Mentor Manager Toolkit walks employers through the steps to ready their organization to develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate the ICA’s direct care professional peer mentor program.

Community Health Centers Orientation Toolkit

Resources include links to trusted Web sites, as well as suggestions for training on pandemic influenza through both online courses and video seminars.

Healthy Options Toolkit

This toolkit, from the Prevention Research Center for Rural Health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health, provides resources for implementing the health Options Program for restaurants.

H1N1 Influenza Toolkit

Resources include links to trusted Web sites, as well as suggestions for training on pandemic influenza through both online courses and video seminars.

Local Boards of Health Toolkit

The Local Boards of Health Toolkit includes descriptions and explanations of the core functions and ten essential services of public health, statutes in Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code relevant to local public health, definitions of common terms that local board members will encounter when managing a local public health agency, parliamentary procedure, and tools for evaluating agency directors and boards of health.

New Public Health Administrator Resources - Orientation Toolkit

Provides supplemental resources to topics that are covered in the New Public Health Administrators Curriculum, also available in the Prepare Iowa Learning Management System. These topics are especially relevant to new public health administrators, providing the opportunity for participants to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to successfully administer today's public health workforce.

Public Health Toolkit

Contains introductory material on public health topics, education and training material relevant to public health practitioners, state and federal public health resources, and an index of pressing public health topics with which all public health practitioners should be familiar.

Public Health Practitioner Toolkit Gateway

Resources include links to the Local Boards of Health Toolkit, the Public Health Toolkit and the New Public Health Administrators Resources.

Shelter Management Toolkit

This toolkit emphasizes helping communities and sharing resources in order to coordinate shelters and provides resources to topics on shelter management during public health emergencies.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

This toolkit is a joint effort by the Iowa Public Health Association, the Iowa Counties Public Health Association, Iowa Department of Public Health, and the Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center. Based on a half-day session on strategic planning for local public health agencies, the toolkit contains video presentation from the event, as well as supporting documents and files.