Biostatistics News

The latest news from the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

From the Front Row: Using biostatistics and P-value in public health research

Joe Cavanaugh, professor and head of the UI Department of Biostatistics, chats with Amy and Anya about the central role that biostatistics plays in public health and medical research and explains the concept of P-value and its use in biostatistics. Published March 20, 2023

From the Front Row: Medical geography and its public health applications

Radha and new crew member Garrett Naughton host a conversation with Austin Tang, a PhD student in geographical and sustainability sciences and MPH student in biostatistics at the University of Iowa. They talk about medical geography, its application in public health, and Austin's recent study on pediatric lead poisoning in Chicago. Published January 12, 2023

CPH students highlighted in 2023 Dare to Discover campaign

Seven CPH students are featured in the UI's 2023 Dare to Discover banner campaign. Read more about how their research is making an impact. Published January 11, 2023

Distinguished Faculty Lecture recording available

A video of Joe Cavanaugh's Distinguished Faculty Lecture “Reassessing Health Sciences Research: Moving Beyond p-Values and Statistical Significance” is now available for viewing. Published November 10, 2022

Department of Biostatistics recognized for diversity efforts

The American Statistical Association recently recognized efforts by the UI Department of Biostatistics to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into the department’s academic programs, including notably the Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics. Joe Cavanaugh, professor and head of biostatistics, was interviewed about the program. (AMSTAT News) Published November 3, 2022

Emily Roberts takes on diabetes and the NYC Marathon

Emily Roberts, assistant professor of biostatistics, will participate in the NYC Marathon on Nov. 6 as a member of the Beyond Type Run 2022 team to raise money and awareness for type 1 diabetes. Read more about her running journey and living fully with type 1 diabetes. Published November 1, 2022

Student Felix Pabon-Rodriguez applies biostatistical models to infectious disease

Felix Pabon-Rodriguez, a doctoral student in biostatistics, is working on a project that models infectious disease progression. "Being able to work on something I really love with computing and statistics, and trying to provide new insights into what is currently happening, motivates me to continue this work," he says. Published October 13, 2022

Joe Cavanaugh to present the 2022 Distinguished Faculty Lecture Nov. 2

Joe Cavanaugh, professor and head of biostatistics, will deliver the 2022 CPH Distinguished Faculty Lecture, "Reassessing Health Sciences Research: Moving Beyond p-Values and Statistical Significance." Attend in person or via webinar.  Published August 31, 2022

Learn about clinical trials and the CTSDMC

The CPH Research Office invites you to the Spotlight session on Aug. 29 to learn about clinical trials, the work of the Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center (CTSDMC), and potential collaboration opportunities with the CTSDMC for faculty and students.  Published August 24, 2022

Biostatistics consulting and support available

Are you in need of statistical consulting for your research? The Biostatistics Consulting Center, in coordination with the Center for Public Health Statistics, invites requests for biostatistics consulting and support. Published August 17, 2022