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The latest news from the Department of Community and Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Watkins: Regulating e-cigarettes will help both adolescents and adults

In an opinion piece, CPH assistant professor Shannon Watkins writes, "By leaving e-cigarettes on the market, the FDA has abdicated its role to review the scientific evidence carefully and protect the public health." (Press-Citizen) Published September 25, 2019

Askelson reflects on the evaluation of Iowa’s 1115 Waiver

CPH assistant professor Natoshia Askelson shares some of the lessons learned during the process of evaluating Iowa's Healthy Behavior Program 1115 Waiver. (Academy Health) Published September 18, 2019

Ashida helps older adults prepare for emergencies

CPH associate professor Sato Ashida is working to help older Iowans--especially those with mobility or chronic health issues--prepare for emergency situations. (Iowa Magazine) Published September 11, 2019

Askelson comments on HPV vaccine

CPH assistant professor Natoshia Askelson notes that parents of teenagers in Iowa are less likely to have their children vaccinated to prevent HPV because of a lack of recommendations by health care providers. (Daily Iowan) Published September 5, 2019

Economic consequences of immigration raids are far reaching

CPH research scientist Nicole Novak was recently interviewed about the economic impact of immigration raids on rural communities. (Marketplace) Published August 22, 2019

Student Hailey Boudreau shares healthy meal shortcuts

MPH student (and Hy-Vee registered dietitian) Hailey Boudreau recently shared some healthy meal prep hacks. Published August 7, 2019

Iowa HPV vaccination rates lag other teen vaccines

A recent report shows Iowa parents are less likely to have their teens receive the HPV vaccine compared to other vaccines. CPH assistant professor Natoshia Askelson is working with health providers to improve that rate. (Gazette) Published August 2, 2019

Will Story, Congolese Health Partnership honored with award

Congratulations to Will Story and the Congolese Health Partnership, who jointly received the 2019 IAPHS Community Research Partnership Award.  Published July 29, 2019

Carnahan, Gilbert, Zhu attend Emerging Leaders Forum

CPH faculty members Ryan Carnahan, Paul Gilbert, and Xi Zhu attended the Emerging Leaders Forum at the National Academy of Medicine July 17-18. Published July 19, 2019

Novak writes about the impact of immigration raids

Nicole Novak, an assistant research scientist at the UI College of Public Health, co-authored an opinion piece discussing the individual and community impacts of immigration raids. (CNN) Published July 17, 2019

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