February 2018

The Center for International Rural and Environmental Health (CIREH) was officially established in June of 1990 with an eye towards facilitating international cooperation in line with increasingly globalized health priorities.  Technological advances MHIRT Student at Wellhave brought global health concerns to the local level: epidemics and injuries are no longer isolated to certain countries or peoples.  Health and well-being have become international issues, creating an overwhelming need to address them as a united global community.


To assist in this cause, CIREH focuses on building capacity through the training of health workers, both domestic and international, to combat these issues. The center is complimented by three separate training programs: environmental and occupational health, injury prevention and minority health. 

It's through education, training and research that CIREH hopes to promote a greater understanding and awareness into the causes, consequences and prevention of public health issues in all regions of the globe.CIREH Globe