December From The Director post – Reviewing, Recharging, and Recommitting

Hello MPH Students!  The first Monday of December!  Where did the semester go?  As we start off the last week of classes for the fall semester and move into final exams and then thoughts of winter break, I wanted to encourage you in a few different ways:

First–Reviewing.  As the end of the semester classes, exams, projects, etc. come into full view over the next couple of weeks this is an opportunity to review what you have learned this semester and to think about how it prepares you for a future in public health.  Right now you are undoubtedly very focused on working biostatistics problems or putting together that final paper/project and preparing for exams but remember, the knowledge and skills that you are gaining each semester in the College of Public Health is bringing you one step closer to making an impact in your community through public health practice.  Reflect on what you have learned.  Some of you came into the program with some good knowledge of public health but all of you have certainly learned something new this semester.  What was it?  What really got you excited?  What made you think about how you could Be The Change?

Second–Recharging.  Join us on Monday December 11 for a day of stress-relieving activities.  We have all kinds of events planned to get you away from your desk and freshen your mind.  Make sure to join us for a stress-free, comfort food lunch!!  And as you start the winter break take some time off to refresh and recharge.  You’ve worked hard this semester and you need to take some time to let things sink in and percolate in your mind.  Some of you will go home and spend time with your family, or maybe you have an exciting trip planned, or maybe you will work or otherwise engage in productive adventures.  Whatever you have planned, I hope that you enjoy it all and take time for yourself.  While our main goals are related to your academic endeavors, we want each one of you to thrive and excel and this includes your life outside of the College.

Third–Recommitting. Before we know it January will be here and we will be welcoming you all back to the College for the spring semester.  What things do you want to get involved with?  What opportunities do you want to make for yourself?  What challenges are out there to be conquered?  There are many important public health issues that we will face in 2018.  We have many things planned in the College.  And we will need all of you to be involved and engaged to be successful.



Have a good month!  Best wishes for a healthy and rejuvenating winter break.  See you back in January!!