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Center Members and Associate Members

List of Members (*Denotes Associate Members)

T. Renee AnthonyPhD, MSEE, CIH, CSP Associate Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health
Kelly Baker*PhD Assistant Professor
Botond BanfiMD, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Wei Bao*MD, PhD Assistant Professor
Reinhard R. BeichelPhD Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Internal Medicine
Gail A. BishopPhD Carver College of Medicine Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Internal Medicine
Robert J. BlountMD, MAS Assistant Professor
Garry R. BuettnerPhD Professor
Andrean L. Burnett*PhD Associate Professor of Pathology
Trudy BurnsMPH, PhD Professor of Biostatistics and Public Health Genetics
Alejandro ComellasMD Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Internal medicine
David M. CwiertnyPhD Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maureen DonovanPhD Professor, Pharmacy
Jonathan A. DoornPhD Associate Professor of Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
Michael W. DuffelPhD Professor of Pharmacy
Lakshmi DurairajMBBS, MS Associate Professor of Internal Medicine - Pulmonary
John F. EngelhardtPhD Professor and Head, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Jennifer FiegelPhD Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics and Department of Biochemical Engineering
R. William FieldPhD Professor of Occupational & Environmental Health
Tori Z. Forbes*PhD Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Alicia K. Gerke*MD, MBA Assistant Professor of Intermal Medicine - Pulmonary
Fredric E. GerrMD Professor of Occupational & Environmental Health
Amanda HaesPhD Associate Professor of Chemistry
Eric A. HoffmanPhD Professor of Radiology
Keri C. HornbucklePhD Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Brandi JanssenPh.D. Clinical Assistant Professor
Michael P. JonesPhD Professor of Biostatistics
Craig L. JustPhD Assistant Professor
Julia Klesney-Tait*MD, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine
Joel N. KlineMD Professor of Medicine and Occupational and Environmental Health
Anne E. KwitekPhD Associate Professor, Departments of Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, and Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Gregory H. LeFevre*Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering and Science
Hans-Joachim LehmlerPhD Associate Professor in Occupational & Environmental Health
Ching-Long LinPhD Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Gabriele LudewigPhD Professor of Occupational & Environmental Health
Charles F. LynchMD, PhD Professor of Epidemiology
Ashutosh Mangalam*Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Pathology
Paul B. McCrayMD Professor of Pediatrics
William M. NauseefMD Professor of Internal Medicine - Infectious Disease
Matthew Nonnenmann*PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational and Environmental Health
Patrick T. O'ShaughnessyPhD Professor of Occupational & Environmental Health
Edith A. ParkerMPH, DrPH Professor and Head, Department of Community and Behavioral Health
Thomas M. PetersPhD Professor of Occupational & Environmental Health
Andrew Allen PieperMD, PhD Professor
Gary L. Pierce*PhD Associate Professor
Larry W. RobertsonPhD Professor of Occupational & Environmental Health
Diane S. RohlmanPhD Associate Professor in Occupational and Environmental Health
Paul A. RomittiPhD Professor of Epidemiology
Aliasger SalemPhD Professor, College of Pharmacy
Jerald L. SchnoorPhD Allen S. Henry Chair, College of Engineering
Michael K. SchultzPhD Associate Professor of Radiology
Jessica C. Sieren*PhD Assistant Professor, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
Douglas R. SpitzPhD Professor of Radiation Oncology
Charles StanierPhD Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Hanna Stevens*M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
David A. StoltzMD, PhD Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Betsy Stone*PhD Associate Professor of Chemistry
Peter S. ThornePhD Professor and Head, Occupational & Environmental Health
Robert B. WallaceMS, MD Professor of Epidemiology
Kai WangPhD Professor of Biostatistics
George J. WeinerMD Director, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center and Professor of Internal Medicine
Jerrold P. WeissMD Professor of Internal Medicine and Microbiology
Michael J. WelshMD Professor of Internal Medicine - Pulmonary; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Joseph ZabnerMD Professor of Internal Medicine - Pulmonary