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Center Members and Associate Members

Full Membership Criteria

Current basic criteria for membership in the University of Iowa EHSRC is that investigators be established researchers with a substantial funding and publication history related to environmental health sciences as they apply to the Center’s goals. Decisions regarding membership in the Center are made by the Internal Advisory Committee based upon guidelines approved by the Internal Advisory Committee October 20, 1997.

Criteria for full membership include the following:

  • Have a research or outreach focus consistent with that of the EHSRC and programmatically suited to one of the Center’s Research Clusters
  • Have a commitment to interdisciplinary research and training in environmental health
  • Have significant funded research, operationally defined as:
    • An established research program supported from extramural grants and contracts (excluding Career Development Awards such as “K Awards”, SERCA or CAREER awards) AND
    • A substantial record of scholarly productivity OR
    • For COEC members, have a primary focus on outreach consistent with Center goals
  • Be a member of the faculty of the University of Iowa

Associate Membership Criteria

The EHSRC has initiated an Associate Membership to junior investigators whose area of research is especially relevant to the goals of the Iowa EHSRC. There is increasing recognition that many junior investigators could benefit from an official association with the Center and that the Center could in turn benefit by collaborating with these promising young researchers whose work is timely, novel, and has the potential to further the goals of the EHSRC team.

Criteria for Asssociate Membership include the following:

  • Rank of Assistant Professor or the equivalent
  • Evidence of research interest in the environmental health sciences as they apply to the health effects of exposures to the rural environment
  • Potential for enhancing the research of the EHSRC