IIPHRP Executive in Residence Program


Nominate an executive for our Executive in Residence program.

The College of Public Health’s Executive-in-Residence Program (XIR)  integrates senior business leaders into the life of the college and provides unique opportunities for experts to interact closely with students and faculty. While the college hosts many external practitioners as visiting lecturers and conference participants, executives-in-residence foster long-term relationships with the college and help to shape and execute new strategic initiatives.

The program is a mechanism for business and community leaders to participate in the college’s three-part mission: Education, research and community engagement.

The Executive-in-Residence program is tailored to the unique capabilities and interests of each individual executive participant. Program participants are invited to develop a custom program by identifying specific activities and projects that align with one or with each area of the collegiate mission.

The executive is provided an office in the College of Public Health Building, with an expectation that they will be on location to facilitate interactions with faculty, students, community partners, and others as appropriate. IIPHRP will ensure alignment between the executive’s knowledge, skills, and abilities and departmental needs and priorities. In addition, executives will be provided opportunities to interact with senior collegiate leadership.