Information Resource Center

The Information Resource Center (IRC) provides comprehensive information resources for the College of Public Health’s Department of Occupational and Environmental Health faculty, students, and staff. The IRC journal and book collection focuses on departmental research areas of injury prevention, ergonomics, occupational safety, occupational and agricultural medicine, industrial hygiene, pesticides and environmental health. Resources also include web-based databases and extensive literature searching capability. The IRC currently has a collection of approximately 30 journals (current issues now located in conference room 163) and 700 books. This includes an OEH student thesis collection.

Online databases are an important component of the IRC’s reference service. IRC users have access to hundreds of online databases and resources, including NIOSHTIC-2, OVID, PUBMED, the Science Citation Index, and TOXLINE. The information specialist is available during the listed hours for assistance or instruction in utilizing these resources.

The information specialist also conducts information searches. OEH personnel and associates can request assistance with interlibrary loans (for both journal articles and books), and literature reviews related to toxicology, ergonomics, injury prevention, occupational and environmental health, agricultural safety and health, and other areas as needed.

Archived Journals

Two shelves in the IRC house the older issues of current IRC journal subscriptions, plus collections of past subscriptions and journals donated to the IRC. These journals reflect the areas of research currently being done in the building- agricultural safety and health, epidemiology, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, occupational health and toxicology.

Any of these journals may be checked out by OEH students, faculty and staff. Write your name, the journal title, volume/issue and year on the clipboard on the gray shelf at the end of the shelves.

Return the journals to the black basket in the IRC.

IRC Book and Thesis Catalog: Search Form

The IRC has approximately 850 books on OEH subjects, and a collection of masters and doctoral theses by department students (from 1963 – present).

Please enter a key word or phrase, or the last name of an author, to perform a search of the IRC catalog. All the books are located in Room 163, IREH.

OEH faculty, staff and students may check out a book by filling out the card inside its front cover, then putting the card in the box to the right of the IRC computer.


The IRC has the following equipment available for OEH faculty, student and staff use:

  • Computer (Software includes Microsoft Office)
  • Epson Perfection color scanner
  • Electric typewriter
  • Access to color/black and white printers


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