Junior Faculty Opportunity Award Application Guidelines

Organize your application into the following format. Guidelines are proposed below for each of sections A, B, C and D. You may deviate from the guidelines specified but sections A through D combined should not exceed 2 pages total. Also append your NIH Biosketch and support and submit one document as a PDF document.


  • Budget and Timeframe: Provide a timeframe (may be multiple years), a budget and budget justification. The length guideline is one short paragraph.
  • Purpose and Description of Project: Provide a description of your application’s goal, and an outline of how you will achieve it.  You may also include a description of the importance and impact of the project if appropriate and its significance and any references. The length guideline is less than 1.5 pages.
  • Research Product(s): Identify a specific scholarly product of this research and give a target date for its completion. A product could be a grant proposal, a manuscript, a computer program, other scholarly product or a combination of scholarly products.  The length guideline is one short paragraph.
  • References/Bibliography (if applicable).
  • NIH Biosketch