MS in Health Policy Curriculum

The MS in Health Policy is a 45 semester hour program of study. Students are recruited from a variety of academic backgrounds including business, liberal arts, and health professions. As such, there are no pre-requisites required upon admission.

By completing the curriculum, graduates of the MS in Health Policy will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and analyze public health policies for specific health issues
  • Demonstrate knowledge of public health policy formulation
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct quantitative research that can estimate the impact of public health policy on health care outcomes


An undergraduate degree is required. The cumulative grade point average should be a minimum of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

MS Degree in Health Policy Core Courses

The following course work is required for all MS students. Students are expected to earn ≥ B- (2.67) on each core course and must earn a ≥ B (3.0) cumulative grade point average on all core courses. When necessary, a student may repeat courses to achieve this standard.

Number Title Hours
HMP:5005 Introduction to Health Care Organization & Policy 3 s.h.
HMP:5410 Health Economics I 3 s.h.
HMP:5610 Health Policy 3 s.h.
HMP:5650 Health Policy Analysis 3 s.h.
HMP:6610 Legal Aspects of Health and Medical Care 3 s.h.
HMP:6710 Federalism and Health Policy 3 s.h.
HMP:6750 Seminar in Health Policy 3 s.h.
HMP:7550 Cost Effectiveness & Decision Analysis 3 s.h.
HMP:7950 Design Issues in Health Services Research 3 s.h.
BIOS:4120 Introduction to Biostatistics 3 s.h.
BIOS:5120 Regression Modeling and ANOVA in the Health Sciences 3 s.h.
EPID:4400 Epidemiology I: Principles 3 s.h.
CPH:6100 Essentials of Public Health 2 s.h.
CPH:7270 Principles of Scholarly Integrity: Public Health (taken twice.; once for 0 s.h. and once for 1 s.h.) 0-1.s.h.
HMP:7990 MS Thesis 3 s.h.
Elective credits 7 s.h.

Summary of Requirements

Area Hours
Required courses 39 s.h.
Electives 6 s.h.
Total 45 s.h.