Joanne Constantin

A portrait of Joanne Constantin of the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Iowa College of Public Health

Department: Health Management and Policy

Year of intended graduation: 2024

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon

Education: Master of Public Health with a concentration in Health Management and Policy, American University of Beirut (2016); Bachelor of Science in Biology, American University of Beirut (2014)

Focal Area: Health Policy

Research interests: My previous work in academia and research on health care spending, pharmaceutical companies and electronic health in addition to clinical audits and detection of medical errors shaped my intentions to conduct research related to operations management, organizational behavior and economics, besides achieving a comprehensive understanding of health care institutions, which would allow me to put into effect competitive plans of action and policies. Moreover, my research on refugees and their access to health care services motivates me to address pressing issues of global health in our current world experiencing armed conflicts. On the one hand, this political unrest is posing challenges related to displaced (internally displaced and refugees) people’s health and to the hosting communities’, making global health policy a priority. On the other hand, it is placing supplemental burden on health care systems accounting for the emerging needs, which directs me to concentrate my efforts on achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. This health policy area is significant to me since it helps focus on economic determinants and consequences of health, and health care in less developed countries, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region. Concerns like poverty, LGBTQ rights, and human trafficking are to be urgently addressed because these, like war, are underlying social, economic, and political determinants of health.

Current activities: I am currently a Graduate Research Assistant at the Health Management and Policy Department at the College of Public Health, conducting research under the supervision of Professor George Wehby and in collaboration with Wei Lyu. I am also an abstract reviewer at the 20th ICASA (2019) for two tracks: the Health Systems, Economics and Implementation Science track as well as the Law, Human Rights Social Science and Political Science track. I have also been peer-reviewing at the Journal of Medical Internet Research for over a year, undertaking reviews of manuscripts submitted to this journal in my area of expertise and mainly related to clinical informatics, decision support for health professionals, electronic health records and eHealth infrastructures, mHealth, young people, sexual and reproductive health, LGBTQ health, LGBT health disparities, LGBT youth health/mental health, pharmacoeconomics, and drugs and pharmaceuticals. I am an active member of the AcademyHealth, University of Iowa Student Chapter.