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Careers in Public Health

Learn more about a few of the many PRC students who have gone on to rewarding public health careers. Read more…

Cancer Prevention in Latino Community

A team of CPH investigators, including Jason Daniel-Ulloa, are studying cancer issues in the state’s Latino population. The researchers are partnering with residents in West Liberty, IA. Read more…

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Comunidades Saludables

Barbara Baquero is building connections to improve the health of rural communities, with a focus on Iowa’s growing Latino population. Read more…

Prevention Research Centers

The Prevention Research Centers study how people and their communities can avoid or counter the risks for chronic illnesses. Read more…

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Giving kids a taste for healthy foods

Pick a better snack™  developed by the Iowa Nutrition Network in the Iowa Department of Public Health is becoming a model for other states.  Read more…


The University of Iowa Prevention Research Center offers workshops, seminars and events for the community. Discover what we have to offer you!

Active Ottumwa

In April 2012, the UI PRC began partnering with the Ottumwa community to improve the quality of life and health of Ottumwa residents.




21 hours ago

Active Ottumwa

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control recommends regular physical activity and that this helps improve your overall health and fitness, and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases? If you did, good for you! If you didn't and need ideas, Active Ottumwa has them!
Below are your choices for FREE and fun activities #stepitup #getmoving #whynot #goodchoices #positiveconsquences

Walking group at 8:00 am at the mall with Remigio Panlaqui and Betty

Join Rebecca Marie Bacharat 4:15 pm for Beginner Yoga at 228 2nd St. Suite 3A ( across from the Ottumwa Courier) and then Simply Dance and Barre at 6:15 pm. #danceforhealth #getactiveottumwa

Bike riding at 6:00 pm with Brittany Forrett at the tee pee at Ottumwa Park! Bring your helmet, water to hydrate and sunscreen! Dana Overturf Twila Charles Foster Stacie Rogan Christie Starr Bernadette Santiago Sylvia Hunolt Marylou LaRose Pam Ward

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2 days ago

Active Ottumwa

What's up for Active Ottumwa on Wednesday? Here you go! Get moving in whatever way you want too!

Walking group- 9:00 am with Christie Starr at Bridge View Center and walk the trails!

Water Walking and More- 4:00 pm with Remigio Panlaqui and Betty ( subbing for Marylou LaRose) at the Hampton Inn, 433 N. Quincy

Dance Fit & Cardio/Strength Circuit-5:15 pm with Dana Overturf at Market on Main

There you have it! #noexcuses #thirtyminutes #aday #FREE
#getactiveottumwa Stacie Rogan Twila Charles Foster Pam Ward Brittany Forrett Sandy Berto

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