UI PRC Faculty


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Edith Parker, DrPH – Center Director and Center Principal Investigator
Dr. Parker is the Dean of the College of Public Health and a Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health. Dr. Parker’s research interests include the development, implementation, and evaluation of community-based participator interventions to improve health status. Her research has focused on community-based participatory research projects centering around women’s and children’s health, and on childhood asthma and issues of environmental justice. Dr. Parker’s work also focuses on methods to gain a better understanding and operationalizing measures of community social dynamics, such as community capacity and community competence. Dr. Parker is the Associate Director of Community Engagement on the University of Iowa Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) enterprise. edith-parker@uiowa.edu



Barbara Baquero, PhD – Center Deputy Director/Principal Investigator Core Research Project: Active Ottumwa

Dr. Baquero is an Associate Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health. Dr. Baquero’s research interests include the design, implementation, and evaluation of community-based participatory health interventions; obesity and chronic disease prevention and control interventions; social, cultural, and behavioral factors related to health outcomes; Latino health; and health disparities. Dr. Baquero is the Principal Investigator for the PRC’s core project Active Ottumwa which is a community-based physical activity intervention that uses lay health advisors in Ottumwa, IA. barbara-baquero@uiowa.edu



head20shot20KJKathleen Janz, MA, EdD – Investigator

Dr. Janz is a Professor in the Department of Health and Human Physiology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and has a secondary appointment in the Department of Epidemiology in the College of Public Health. Her research interests include physical activity and physical fitness as determinants of health outcomes, electronic monitoring and longitudinal tracking of physical activity particularly in children and adolescence. Current projects include a longitudinal cohort study to examine how genetics, diet, and physical activity influence bone strength in children and adolescents, and a longitudinal multi-state cohort study examining the determinants of childhood and young adult obesity.  kathleen-janz@uiowa.edu




Helena Laroche, MD – Investigator

Dr. Laroche is an Associate of the General Internal Medicine faculty with a secondary appointment in the Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Laroche is interested in diabetes, obesity prevention and treatment, and community-based intervention programs to promote health. One of Dr. Laroche’s research projects has focused on improving the food choices in high-school sports concession stands in Muscatine, Iowa and the developing of a guidebook and dissemination to other schools in Iowa of this program. helena-laroche@uiowa.edu





Sato Ashida, PhD – Investigator

Dr. Ashida is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health, and a part of the University’s Aging Mind and Brain Initiatives.  Dr. Ashida’s conducts social network research and investigates the roles of social contexts in maintaining and enhancing individuals’ health and well-being.  Her current interests include evaluating familial and community-based social networks of older adults and understanding family caregiving networks of older adults. sato-ashida@uiowa.edu





Paul Gilbert, PhD-Investigator
Dr. Gilbert is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health. His research seeks to understand alcohol-related disparities, investigating specifically the ways that gender, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation shape drinking patterns, risk of alcohol use disorders, and access to treatment services. A secondary line of research focuses on improving the health of immigrant Latino communities in non-traditional migration destinations through participatory, action-oriented research. He will be assisting in the training of the UI PRC. paul-gilbert@uiowa.edu




Daniel Sewell, PhD-Investigator

Daniel Sewell, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.Dr. Sewell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics in the College of Public Health. His primary area of research is in statistical models and inference for network data, and in particular the statistical analysis of dynamic social networks. He has also contributed to other subfields of statistics, such as clustering and particle filtering, and holds interest in broad research topic areas such Bayesian statistics and statistical computation.  daniel-sewell@uiowa.edu





Natoshia Askelson, PhD – Investigator

Dr. Natoshia Askelson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health with an adjunct appointment at the Public Policy Center. Her research interest include the intersection of health policy and behavior change, family and child health, health communication, media effects and evaluation. She has recently completed studies on parent-child communication about nutrition and the implementation of the new school meal requirements with a focus on rural school districts. Dr. Askelson will be assisting the PRC with communication and dissemination efforts. natoshia-askelson@uiowa.edu







Jason Daniel-Ulloa, PhD – Investigator

Dr. Daniel-Ulloa is an Assistant Clinical Professor  in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health. He has worked on projects that targeted preteen secondhand smoke exposures, drug and alcohol use and HIV prevention for high risk individuals and Latino men. He comes to the PRC having been involved in postdoctoral training in CBPR approaches in reaching minority men for health intervention from Wake Forest University, UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of Iowa. In addition to his work for the PRC, Dr. Daniel-Ulloa has projects focused on increasing HPV vaccination in minority communities, cancer prevention and Latino men’s health issues. Dr. Daniel-Ulloa assists with evaluation on the Active Ottumwa core research project.




William T. Story, PhD, MPH-Investigator

Dr. Story is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health. Dr. Story’s research focuses on better understanding household and community-level factors that are critical to the improvement of maternal and child health in resource-poor countries and translating that research into effective interventions and policies. His research with communities focuses on examining the effect of social relationships on care-seeking behaviors using multilevel methods, particularly the role of social capital as a resource that influences access to health care. william-story@uiowa.edu




Rema Affifi, PhD-Investigator

Dr. Affifi is a Professor and Interim Head in the Department of Community & Behavioral Health. She is also the Director of Graduate Studies. Dr. Affifi engages in public health research and practice with intent to promote social, community, and policy environments conducive to well being. Whenever possible, she uses methods of Community Based Participatory Research; applies an ecological lens to the understanding of the issues; engages multiple disciplines to widen the perspectives on any topic; and emphasizes knowledge transfer of research to practice and policy. She is specifically interested in intervention and implementation science, and adolescent and youth well being. rema-affifi@uiowa.edu