Seeing Progress with the HPV Vaccine

As public health professionals most of us have heard a great deal about HPV and its links to certain types of cancer. With a more recent development of a vaccine that protects against certain strains of the virus we have been part of a fight against the spread of HPV, and we can now see that we are winning.

The CDC has recently published an article in the journal Pediatrics that said HPV prevalence is down approximately two-thirds in United States teenage girls. This development comes only six years after it became a recommendation that all young women receive the vaccine. This becomes even greater news when we see that only about 60 percent of girls have been vaccinated and 42 percent of boys have been vaccinated. We can only hope that as adherence rates rise HPV prevalence will continue to fall.

For more information on how the CDC conducted their study and their results see  this article from US news and the CDC’s article from Pediatrics.