Student Opportunities

For Organizations

  • Work with students on-site, virtually, or a combination, enabling organizations from across the state an equal opportunity to partner with students
  • Provide feedback to the College of Public Health on skills and knowledge students need prior to entering the workforce
  • Utilize students to assist with large-scale campaigns, assessments, or activities
  • Mobilize a team of student volunteers to respond to emergent situations more effectively
  • Enlist a team to assist with large events or projects
  • Receive assistance on new technology, initiatives, and communication channels, including social media  with the supplemental skillsets of a new generation of public health professionals.
  • Network with potential future job applicants

For Students

  • Opportunities to observe how public health theory translates to real-world applications
  • Practical experience, preparing them for future day-to-day responsibilities
  • Insight into the multitude of career opportunities available in the diverse public health-related organizations throughout Iowa
  • Connections to potential employers

Though some students may have specific projects they plan to complete, we encourage you to  choose or suggest a project that would be beneficial to your organization. We will match you with an interested student or group of students, depending on the project.

To request student participation, click here Download the supervisor resource guide

Student Project Examples

  • Implement New Programs
  • Design Communication Materials
  • Plan & Promote Community Events
  • Implement Social Media Campaigns
  • Develop Tools & Resources
  • Collect, Analyze & Report Data
  • Compile Accreditation Documentation
  • Revise Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Disease Investigation & Contact Tracing
  • Audit School Immunization Records
  • Map Private Wells
  • Facilitate Focus Groups
  • Review, Compare, & Develop Policies
  • Community Health Improvement Plan Work
  • Conduct Needs Assessments
    • Community Health
    • Maternal Health
    • Food Systems
    • Health Equity
    • MAPP
  • Implement Inventory Management System
  • Create Policy Position Statements
  • Conduct Health Equity Projects
  • Translate Communication Materials