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Hear from Hawkeyes

portrait of Bikere Ikoba

Finding a home in public health

Bikere Ikoba, MPH Class of 2021

“I sought to enter a field where I could employ my faith-rooted desire to work alongside community members in a movement towards global restorative justice.”

Portrait of Steve Sonnier

Conducting health policy research

Stevland Sonnier, MPH Class of 2021

Sonnier co-authored research that helped inform testimony at a recent Ways and Means Committee hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives.

portrait of Sydney Evans

The impact of public health

Sydney Evans, BA, MPH Class of 2023

“The breadth of public health as well as the potential for impact, advancement, and growth of an entire population is what motivated me to pursue public health.”

Portrait of Crystal Garcia

Studying health disparities

Crystal Garcia, PhD Candidate

Garcia is studying how racial and ethnic disparities are being worsened by the coronavirus pandemic.