CPH Faculty Handbook

Table of Contents

The University and the College

  1. UI Org Chart
  2. UI Strategic Plan
  3. UI Operations Manual
  4. UI Elected/Appointed Committees
  5. CPH Org Chart
  6. CPH Strategic Plan
  7. CPH Manual of Procedure
  8. CPH Faculty Council
  9. CPH Appointed Collegiate Committees
  10. Organizational Review and Accreditation

General Faculty Responsibilities/Policies/Resources

  1. Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
  1. FERPA
  2. IRB
  3. Conflict of Interest
  4. Mentoring
  5. Awards
  1. Named Professorships/Chairs
  2. Emeritus

Tenure Track and Tenured Faculty

  1. Appointments and Criteria for Rank for Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
  2. Reviews for Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
  3. Promotion and Tenure
  4. Post-Tenure Effort Allocation

Clinical Track Faculty

  1. Appointments
  2. Reviews for Clinical Track Faculty
  3. Promotion for Clinical Track Faculty

Research Track Faculty

  1. Appointments and Criteria for Rank for Research Track Faculty
  2. Promotion for Research Track Faculty

Other Faculty Appointments

  1. Intro
  2. Joint
  3. Secondary
  4. Adjunct
  5. Lecturer
  6. Visiting

Teaching/Education/Student Affairs

  1. Curriculum and Course Development
  2. Definition of Teaching Load and Off-Load Compensation
  3. Classroom Scheduling Policy
  4. Classroom Procedures
  5. Grading and Student Records
  6. Student Advising and Registration
  7. Student’s Policies and Procedures
  8. Required Elements for Syllabus

Helpful Documents

  1. Checklist for 3rd Year Probationary Review Materials
  2. Faculty Dossier Guidelines
  3. Peer Evaluation of Teaching Form
  4. Sample Letter from DEO to External Reviewer
  5. Course Development Form
  6. Mentoring MOU Template
  7. Faculty Review Workflow requirements and Due Dates
  8. Approximate Calendar of Important Dates
  9. Self-Study Template
  10. Faculty Annual Review Form
  11. New Faculty — Helpful Information