Parking and Transportation at the College of Public Health


Short-term, metered visitor spaces are available at the College of Public Health Building. Due to the limited spaces, it is recommended to direct guests to parking in the Newton Road Parking Ramp and taking the pedestrian bridge over Highway 6 to the College of Public Health Building.

Newton Road Parking Passes

Departments wishing to provide parking passes to visitors can purchase them in increments of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 10-hours at $1.20 per hour. Our office will also have a small inventory of parking passes available for purchase. Pleason contact if you are in need of parking passes.

Hooding Meters

Departments wishing to hood a meter outside the College of Public Health Building must route their request to the college for approval.  The cost to hood a meter is currently $22 per day per hood. The hoods are installed by the Parking and Transportation Department the evening prior to the date of your request and are hooded for the entire day. Given our limited number of short-term metered parking, we try to limit the number of hooded meters at any one time.

All requests should be e-mailed to and include the following information:

  • Account to charge
  • Name of individual who will be using the spot
  • Why a hood is preferred over Newton Road Ramp pass

Faculty/Staff/Student Temporary Parking

If faculty/staff/students require temporary accessible parking due to a disability, please have them contact UI Parking and Transportation. The Parking and Transportation website also has more information. Generally, “Y1” parking spots are only approved after Parking and Transportation has explored all other alternatives.


The university offers free on-campus accessible Cambus transit service and is available to University of Iowa employees and students. Cambus also offers the Bionic Bus, which provides door-to-door, demand-response service provided with lift-equipped mini-buses.

Finding the College of Public Health

The College of Public Health has space at several different University of Iowa buildings in Iowa City and Coralville. Here is how to find the College of Public Health.