Instructional Room Reservation and Availability

CPHB has three types of instructional spaces that can be reserved when they are not in use for academic purposes:

  1. Classrooms/Seminar Rooms
  2. Computer classrooms
  3. Auditorium classrooms

CPHB Space use policiesUniversity of Iowa Classroom Policies and Procedures

Room Schedules

Availability of these rooms can be viewed:

  • Outside each classroom a QR code is provided – using this code will provide a list of all activities scheduled. In addition, on a semester basis, a list of regularly scheduled classes will be printed and posted outside of the classroom, or click on the links below

Requests to use these rooms for non-course work should be made via Room/Event Request form (see below) and approval will be based on the policies in place.

Room/Event Request Form

Classrooms/Seminar (link all to schedules)CapacityStyle (i.e. desk or tables)
S025A 25 
S025B 25 
S025AB 50 
S106AB 43 
C301 19 
C303 9 
C410 26 
Computer Classrooms  
C201 28 
C401 28 
Auditorium Classrooms  
N120 (Ellig Auditorium) 98 
N110 (Callaghan Auditorium) 193 

Group and Conference Room Availability

In addition, CPHB has multiple options for meetings and group work available for faculty, staff and student use referred to as shared space. Some shared spaces can be reserved using Outlook Calendar and some via Ad Astra. Below is a link to all shared space available for reservation and how you may reserve those spaces.