Classroom/Auditorium Reservation Policy for Non-Course Use

Academic courses have priority placement within the academic building classrooms and auditoriums. We encourage the use of the CPHB classrooms/auditoriums by others when they are not in use. However, because our large classrooms and auditoriums are in use on a daily basis, it is difficult to accommodate requests for all day events.

A regularly scheduled academic course will not be displaced without prior approval from the Dean’s Office. Requests for classroom space are processed on a first come, first served basis with careful consideration to the event date and type of event (priority is given to events that support the college’s academic mission and where students have the opportunity to participate).

Prior to submitting your request, you should review the room schedule. To request space, please complete the Room/Event Request form. CPH Facilities will review and respond within two business days.

In general, events will be scheduled after the initial scheduling of course offerings. The following guide can be used in sending reservations for non-academic courses:

  • Events held Spring Semester can be reserved beginning mid-October
  • Events held Summer Semester can be reserved beginning mid-October
  • Events held Fall Semester can be reserved beginning mid-February

Categories of users eligible for non-academic course use (in priority order):

  1. Collegiate/Departmental activities
  2. CPHB-affiliated users (including approved student organizations with CPHB faculty/staff advisors)