Reserving Group and Conference Rooms

Below is a list of shared space and how they can be scheduled.

Group Rooms

Group Rooms are scheduled by individuals via Outlook Calendar and will automatically be approved if there are no scheduling conflicts.

RoomCapacityOutlook Name

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are scheduled via Outlook Calendar and are approved pending review by department/unit.

RoomCapacityOutlook NameReviewed/Approved by
N40222RES-CPHB-N402Community & Behavioral Health
N5656RES-CPHB-N565Iowa Institute of Public Health Research & Policy

Lactation Room

The Lactation Room is scheduled by individuals via Outlook and will automatically be approved if there are no scheduling conflicts. However, it is locked and requires users to pick up the key in IT Services N140.

RoomTypeCapacityOutlook Name
CPHB S042Lactation1RES-CPHB-S042

How to schedule

Via Outlook

Approval of requests will be handled as follows:

  • Group rooms will be automatically approved based on availability and you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation.
  • Conference rooms will be reviewed/approved by the appropriate department. Once a request has been approved, an e-mail will be sent as confirmation.

To add a room via Outlook Calendar

  • Create a new meeting (pull down the “New Items” menu and select “Meeting.”)
  • At the end of the Location bar, click the “Rooms…” button.
  • Select the appropriate room from the list. Rooms in CPHB all start with “RES-CPHB-” and then the room number. Double-click on the room to add it, and then click OK. The room will be added as an invitee to the meeting.
  • Set the start and end times of the meeting, and the “Room Finder” panel on the right will show if the room is available and suggest alternate times, if necessary.

To add a room via Office365

  • Log in to Office365 and select the Calendar app.
  • Click the “New +” button. The Details panel will come up. Fill in the event title as well as the date and time.
  • Click in the field that says “Add a location or a room” and select “Add room.” Select “CPHB Resources” from the list, and then select the appropriate room. The room will be added as a meeting invitee and alternate times will be suggested, if necessary.