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From the Front Row: Student Voices in Public Health -- A Podcast from the University of Iowa College of Public Health.


“From the Front Row: Student Voices in Public Health” is an inside look at the public health student experience at the University of Iowa. Our panelists share their thoughts and perspectives on student life and current issues facing public health professionals.


Episode 18: MPH/PharmD student Abby Narayan talks about her practicum project with SafeNexRx, an organization that works to provide low-cost pharmaceuticals to vulnerable populations.

Episode 17: Looking at water quality in Iowa.

Episode 16: Tanzeh Metzger talks about her project on barriers in mental health care.

Episode 15: What types of projects does an epidemiology grad student work on?

Episode 14: Talking child and adolescent health with Dr. Debra Waldron.

Episode 13: MPH student Ian Buchta interviews public health research specialist and PhD student Anne Abbott. They discuss her work in various aspects of community and behavioral health and public health policy. Also: Be sure to listen for this week’s listener contest!

Episode 12: MPH students Ian Buchta and Hailey Boudreau interview Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha who visited the University of Iowa College of Public Health on March 25. Dr. Hanna-Attisha is a pediatrician and author of “What the Eyes Don’t See,” a book about the Flint water crisis.

Episode 11: Students Abby Lee and Chelsea Keenan have a wide ranging conversation with journalist Hannah Harris Green, touching on subjects such as birth control, reporting standards, and eugenics.

Additional Resources

Episode 10: MPH student Ian Buchta and CPH assistant research scientist Nicole Novak discuss the connection between food production and rural and immigrant health.

Episode 9: MPH student Ian Buchta and undergrad student Sofie Dollison discuss her experience at Public Health Day on the Hill (public health advocacy day at the Iowa State Capitol) and the importance of student participation in the policy arena.

Episode 8: MPH student Ian Buchta and Brandi Janssen, CPH assistant professor and director of Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (I-CASH), discuss food production, agriculture, and the future of farming in Iowa.

Episode 7: MPH student Ian Buchta and PhD student Chelsea Hicks discuss how race and place impact public health. Also featuring a poem by Chelsea entitled, “What More Could You Want from Me?”

Episode 6: MPH student Ian Buchta discusses public health policy and advocacy with Iowa Public Health Association executive director Jeneane Moody.

Episode 5: Ian Buchta on attending a major public health conference as a student.

Episode 4: Seamus, Lexie, and Kurayi talk about their end-of-semester projects and their public health career aspirations.

Episode 3: Lexie, Virgil, and Wensday talk about wrapping up the semester, what sparked their interest in public health, and what’s next for them.

Episode 2: Seamus, Lexie, and Kurayi share their thoughts and perspectives on the educational experience at the University of Iowa.

In this special edition of “From the Front Row,” student Seamus Taylor talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mark Johnson about the intersection of animal and human health and the effects of loneliness on our well-being.

Episode 1:  Lexie, Virgil, and Wensday discuss what it’s like to be a public health grad student in 2018 and their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

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