CPH Undergraduate Student Ambassadors

About us

The CPH Undergraduate Student Ambassadors represent the College of Public Health and University of Iowa through its own students. As ambassadors, you can assist with fun recruitment events and activities and get to share your passion for public health and the University of Iowa while gaining valuable experience and growing your interpersonal communication and leadership skills.

How to join

We recruit in the early fall for each new academic school year. Applications and interviews will be required.

Polishing your skills

Ambassadors practice their skills in public speaking, event planning, and communication as they interact with CPH guests. These skills will help you with your academic success and stay with you as you embark on your next adventure after college.

How to apply

For questions about the application and/or selection process, contact Lexie Just at lexie-just@uiowa.edu.

Meet The Ambassadors!

Lexi Fahrion

Lexi is the Student Director of the Ambassador Programs. She is a second-year Master of Public Health student in Community and Behavioral Health. She earned her B.S. in Public Health and a Minor in Chemistry from the University of Iowa in 2021. She also currently works as a researcher on the Watkins research team and a undergraduate teaching assistant. Her interests include health prevention, the intersection of medicine and public health, program implementation/evaluation, and reducing health disparities.

Montala Carruthers

Montala Carruthers
Hi! My name is Montala (Mon-tay-la) and I am a second year public health major on the pre-physician assistant track. I am also an honors student here at the University as well as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Clothing Closet at Iowa and a student ambassador for the College of Public Health. My interests are in teaching, leadership, emergency medicine, and community and behavioral health. Fun fact about me: I love to dance any time and any place!

Maia Grabowski

Maia Grabowski
I’m from Glen Ellyn, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago…Iowa City is Chicago’s favorite suburb!). I’m a fourth-year undergraduate student on the B.A. track. My interests are climate change, mental health, and reproductive health, and am planning on going to grad school to study climate change and health next fall!

Brittain Gregoire

Brittain Gregoire
I’m a senior majoring in Public Health on the BA track with a minor in Physical Activity and Nutrition Science. My hometown is North Liberty, Iowa. My interests within public health include community interventions, health disparities, and health education.

Madison Meyer

Madison Meyer
Hi, my name is Madison Meyer and I am from Muscatine Iowa. I am a fourth-year student on the BA track with a minor in anthropology. When I first came to Iowa, I was a direct admit into Tippie but quickly switched once I discovered my passion for public health. My primary interest areas include industrial hygiene and health education.

Eliza Steere, of the U2G program

Eliza Steere
Eliza Steere is an undergraduate-to-graduate Master of Public Health student in Community & Behavioral Health. She will receive her B.A. in Public Health and minor in global health studies from the University of Iowa in December of 2021. Eliza is originally from Rancho Palos Verdes, California and was recently named an ASPPH “This is Public Health” Ambassador for 2021-2022. Throughout her time at Iowa, Eliza has worked as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Natoshia Askelson on a variety of projects including HPV and COVID-19 vaccination, COVID-19 response efforts, and health outcomes in micropolitan communities. Eliza’s primary research interests include community health, disease prevention, chronic conditions, and adolescent vaccinations. 

Alena Longnecker, of the Undergraduate Program

Alena Longnecker
Hi everyone! I am a second-year undergraduate student earning my Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and certificate in leadership studies. I am originally from Johnston, Iowa, but have been a huge Hawkeye fan my entire life. After undergrad, I plan to complete a graduate program in healthcare administration and pursue a career in healthcare administration and policy. I love so many things about the College of Public Health, but my favorite aspect is the college’s aspirations for individualistic student involvement and success.   

Bailey Batten, of the Undergraduate Program

Bailey Batten
Hello! I am a third-year student at the University of Iowa. I am getting my Bachelor’s in public health with gender, health, and health equity minor. I grew up in Mt Pleasant, Iowa. I have a special interest in racial disparities in healthcare as well as child and maternal health.   

Ameen Taha, of the Undergraduate Program

Ameen Taha
Hi everyone! My name is Ameen Taha, I am from Iowa City, and am a third-year Public Health major on the BA track. My public health interests include healthcare administration, health equity, and community and behavioral health.    

Gracyn Tabor, of the U2G program

Gracyn Tabor
I am a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a BS degree from the College of Public Health, as well as a first year graduate student pursuing my MPH in the Department of Epidemiology. I am originally from Oglesby, IL, and am interested in infectious disease and cancer epidemiology. This is my second year as an undergraduate student ambassador for the College of Public Health. 

Emma Andreasen, of the Undergraduate Program

Emma Andreasen
Hello! My name is Emma and I am a second-year undergraduate student earning my BA in Public Health and a minor in Environmental Policy. I am originally from Lenexa, Kansas. I am interested in environmental and occupational health, urban health, health equity, and nutrition. 

Ackem Pangli

Hello! My name is Ackem (Aye-come) Pangli and I am a second year public health student at the College of Public Health. I am in the Bachelor of Science program and I am hoping to get my Business certificate as well! I am specifically interested in completing a graduate program in health administration after undergrad.

Meredith Malloy

I am a third-year undergraduate student pursuing my BA in public health and a minor in political science.  I am originally from Holbrook, IA.  I have many interests throughout the public health field, but I am especially interested in healthcare policy and management.  I am specifically interested in healthcare policy advocacy and intervention!

Emily Jensen

I am a third-year undergraduate student in the College of Public Health, from Williamsburg, Iowa. I have always had an interest in healthcare management and policy, but after my summer internship with the PRC, I found a love for community and behavioral health as well. I am excited about all of the opportunities a future in public health offers me.


Natalie Doering

I’m a second year public health student on the B.S. track. In addition to public health, I am a Spanish major on the pre-med track. I am originally from Ankeny, Iowa, and am interested in epidemiology and community and behavioral health.


Caitlyn Hurley

I am a second-year pre-law public health major on the bachelor of arts track from West Des Moines, IA!  I am also minoring in political science and pursuing a leadership certificate!  My primary interest in public health is healthcare administration!