CPH Student Ambassador Organization

About us

The CPH  Student Ambassador Organization (CPHSAO) represents the College of Public Health and University of Iowa through its own students, who we call ambassadors. As ambassadors, you will assist with fun recruitment events and activities and get to share your passion for public health and the University of Iowa while gaining valuable experience and growing your interpersonal communication and leadership skills.

How to join

CPHSAO recruits early fall for each new academic school year. Applications and interviews will be required.

Polishing your skills

Ambassadors practice their skills in public speaking, event planning, and communication as they interact with CPH guests. These skills will help you with your academic success and stay with you as you embark on your next adventure after college.

How to apply

For questions about the application and/or selection process, contact Lexie Just at lexie-just@uiowa.edu.


Questions or comments? Contact Margaret Chorazy. This page was last reviewed on August 27, 2019.