The Iowa Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERT) conducted substantive research related to delivering the best health care to the elderly. This research generated evidence about effectiveness of treatments among older adults in community practice settings and enhanced healthcare provider capacity to deliver high quality care. The individual Iowa CERT projects had their own impact in their specific therapeutic or healthcare programmatic areas, including:

  • Improving Part D program effectiveness through evaluations of emerging Medication Therapy Management program models
  • Improving treatment adherence and outcomes through patient-provider symmetry about decision roles
  • Improving blood pressure control through patient-physician collaborative management of hypertension
  • Reducing the “digital divide” in access to health information and e-Health resources by user-centered design with older adult partners
  • Documenting continued age disparities in receipt of curative and palliative therapies across lung, colorectal, breast cancers and lymphoma
  • Advancing the methodology for comparative effectiveness research under heterogeneity of treatment effects

To see the full final report for the Iowa CERT, please click here. We also have links below to the clinical decision making tools and fact sheets created from CERT projects. If you would like more information about the Iowa CERT, please contact Nick Rudzianski at

View clinical tools featuring Iowa CERT investigators

View fact sheets written by Iowa CERT investigators