CPH Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series LogoThe College of Public Health’s Spotlight Series — speakers, films, workshops, and other events — “spotlights” public health topics. The series is open to all faculty, staff, and students. All events will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in CPHB or other on-campus locations.

Have an idea for an upcoming topic? Contact Kathy Andrews to schedule or propose an event.




Sept 11MPH Professional Development Seminar: “Adding Your Voice to Public Health in Iowa – Getting to Know IPHA” – Jeneane Moody and Danielle Pettit-Majewski, Iowa Public Health Association (C217 CPHB) – all students welcome

Sept 13 — No Spotlight Series

Sept 18CPH Global Public Health Week:  “More Harm Than Good?  A Critical Analysis of Working in Contexts of Protracted Uncertainty” – Rema Afifi, Community and Behavioral Health (C217 CPHB)

Sept 20CPH Global Public Health Week:  “Picturing Climate Change:  Communicating Environmental Challenges Through Visual Storytelling” – Sean Gallagher, Pulitzer Center Visiting Journalist (N110 CPHB)

Sept 25CPH Faculty Workshop:  “How Faculty Can Work With Visible and Invisible Disabilities” – UI Student Disabilities Service (C217 CPHB)

Sept 27CPH Global Public Health and Diversity and Inclusion Committee Sponsored Event:  “Multi-Cultural Potluck” (C217 CPHB)

Oct 2CPH Diversity and Inclusion Committee Sponsored Seminar:  TBD

Oct 4CPH Open Forum/Faculty Meeting: “CPH Deans Search Committee” (TBD)

Oct 9MPH Professional Development Seminar: “Professional Communication” – TBD (C217 CPHB) – all students welcome

Oct 11CBH Sponsored Seminar Speaker:  “TBD” – TBD (TBD)

Oct 16Hansen Leadership Award and Distinguished Lecture:  “Achieving Health Equity:  Tools for a National Campaign Against Racism” – Camara Jones, Morehouse School of Medicine  (N110 CPHB)

Oct 18IIPHRP Sponsored Visiting Scholar:  “TBD” – Senator Tom Harkin (N110 CPHB)

Oct 23CPH Faculty Workshop:  “Open Records Requests From the Press:  Best Practices” – UI Office of the General Counsel (C217 CPHB)

Oct 25CEPH Accreditation Open Forum:  “TBD” – Tanya Uden-Holman, UI College of Public Health (TBD)

Oct 30 — TBD

Nov 1CPH Research Office Sponsored Seminar:  “TBD” – Mary Woolley, Research!America (TBD)

Nov 6 — TBD

Nov 8 — TBD

Nov 13MPH Professional Development Seminar: “MPH Practicum Showcase” (TBD) – all students welcome

Nov 15 — CPH Staff Council Sponsored Seminar:  “TBD” – Scott Powers, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (TBD)

Nov 20 — No spotlight series

Nov 22 — No spotlight series

Nov 27IIPHRP Sponsored Seminar:  “TBD” – Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine (C217 CPHB)

Nov 29 — TBD

Dec 4CPH Open Forum/Faculty Meeting:  “State-of-the-College” – Keith Mueller, UI College of Public Health (TBD)

Dec 6 — TBD

Dec 11MPH Professional Development Seminar: “Wellness” – TBD (C217 CPHB) – all students welcome

Dec 13 — TBD

Aug 30CPH Distinguished Faculty Lecture:  “Telehealth in the Rural Emergency Department:  Using Mixed Methods to Explore Benefits” – Marcia Ward, Professor and Interim Head, Health Management and Policy (N110 CPHB)

Sept 4 — No spotlight series

Sept 6IIPHRP Sponsored Seminar: “Strengthsfinder for Graduate Students” – Jennifer Teitle and Joe Cannella, UI Graduate College (C217 CPHB)




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