Advancing Graduate Student Success Award

The UI College of Public Health’s Advancing Graduate Student Success Award program supports its academic and professional graduate students by providing funds for academic- and research-related activities. This program provides funds to assist students in advancing their learning beyond the classroom—whether it be collaborating with a mentor, presenting at a conference, or developing a research project—the possibilities are endless. All MHA, MPH, MS, and PhD students who are currently enrolled in a College of Public Health degree program and in good academic standing are eligible to apply.

Students may apply for multiple or repeated awards over time not to exceed a total of $4,000. If students are applying for travel funds to present at a conference or attend a workshop, the following budget limit applies per request: $500 domestic travel; $700 international travel. Requests for travel funding must be submitted and approved prior to the trip.

There is a non-exhaustive list of possible purposes for the awards. Examples include support for:

  • Travel to visit a mentor elsewhere to collaborate with or advise the student.
  • Students involved in community-based or community-based participatory research.
  • A technical writer to help with a proposal or paper.
  • Improving professional development skills (eg, verbal and writing skills, grant/project budget preparation, grant writing, presentation skills, workshops, and innovative teaching skills).
  • Travel to present at a conference.
  • A biostatistical or study design consultant.
  • Expenses associated with pre- and post-comp scholarly research activities.

Application Guidelines:  Guidelines are below for each section and the entire application should not exceed two pages total (Endorsement request is not included in the two-page limit). Your application must be submitted as one PDF document.

  1. Budget and Timeframe: Provide a timeframe, budget, budget justification and, if applicable, include support from other sources.
  2. Purpose and Description of Request: Provide a description of your goal, how this award will allow you to achieve that goal, and the expected outcome.
  3. Endorsement of Request: A short paragraph (two to three sentences) from your faculty mentor AND your DEO or Program Director on why they endorse this application.

Post-Award Requirement:  At the end of the timeframe specified in the application, you will be required to provide a one-page description of how this award had an impact on achieving your goal.  This report will be shared with the funders of the program, Linda and Dale Baker.

Award Deadline:  Requests can be submitted at any time and will be scheduled for review on the first working day of each month.  Applicants will be notified by the 15th of each month.

Review Committee:  The review committee consists of our five DEOs, associate dean for academic affairs, and MPH program director.

For answers to additional questions, contact Ryan Bell in the Dean’s Office.

To submit your application, upload it here:

Advancing Graduate Student Success Award Submissions
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB

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