IT Frequently Asked Questions

The College of Public Health IT Knowledge base may answer many of your technology questions.

Who do I call if I have an IT problem?
If you have questions about your University computer or HawkID, whether it be hardware or software related, please feel free to contact the College of Public Health IT Office via email or phone at or 319-384-3838.
How do I change my HawkID password?
Students, faculty, and staff can change their HawkID password by visiting Here you can enroll your account in the HawkID tools for password management and learn more about HawkID security and services.
I have wireless on my laptop. How can I connect to the internet wirelessly while on campus?
Wireless access is available in most locations on campus via the “eduroam” network. Users should log onto the network directly with a username in the form of and your hawkid password. To find a full map and connection instructions for various device types, please visit
How do I get to webmail?
There is a webmail link in the top right corner of most College of Public Health web site pages. You may also access webmail directly by visiting
What is my e-mail mailbox capacity, and can I increase my mailbox size?
E-mail accounts with the University of Iowa are limited to 50GB in size. The College of Public Health is at this time unable to expand mailbox sizes beyond this limit. If you are running into size restrictions, please contact the College of Public Health IT Office and staff can help find a solution to help store your e-mail.
How do I get to ICON?
ICON is the Iowa Courses Online system that the University uses for web-based courses. Students can find a link to ICON on the main University web site under Current Students and the Registration & Course Info section.  You may also directly find ICON at
Where do I find a list of available software?
The University of Iowa and the College of Public Health have many software titles available to students in our general purpose computing labs.
The University also has a number of software titles available for purchase. You can find information about software purchases on the Campus Software page.
As a student, do I have access to laptops for checkout?
Due to the pandemic, laptops are currently not available for checkout.
Are students, staff, and faculty eligible for any discounts on personal computers?
Yes, the University of Iowa offers education discounts on personal computers purchased from Apple and Dell to all UI students, staff, and faculty. You can find additional information at
What is my H drive, and why should I use it?
Your “H” drive is personal file storage space that will be available on computers in the College of Public Health during your time with the College. This space exists to protect all of your schoolwork or other personal data. Storing your files here assures they will be backed up daily and that only you will have access to these files. For your convenience this drive is available on almost any University computer and over the internet with the VPN initialized.
What is OneDrive, and how can I use it?
The University of Iowa OneDrive service provides file sync and collaboration for staff and students on campus. More information can be found at
How do I get a file restored?
If you have deleted or lost a file that is stored on a network resource (this includes the M:\ and U:\ drives), the College of Public Health has a backup system in place to prevent total data loss. If you need a file restored from a previous day, please send an email to with the file’s full file path and name. We will do our best to recover your file from the most recent backup. To recover files on your H: drive, you may follow these instructions or contact for assistance.
I have two logon accounts. How do I know which one is my HawkID?
If you are having issues differentiating your login IDs, please contact the College of Public Health IT Office, and we can work with you to figure out which login ID is your HawkID for use with ICON/MyUI and other University services.
I need to send a mass e-mail. What are the procedures for doing so?
All mass e-mails need to go through an approval process before being sent to everyone in the College of Public Health or the University. To obtain approval for your e-mail, please send a request to We will then work with you to get your message approved.