Do guests need to have a HawkID to log in to computers at the College of Public Health?

Article ID: KB40370

Guests are able to log in to computers in most classrooms and meeting rooms in the College of Public Health Building (CPHB) with the "cph-presenter" guest account for the purpose of giving lectures and presentations.

How can I log in with the guest account?

The login credentials for the guest account can be read from a label affixed to the primary monitor.

What happens to data saved in the guest account's profile?

Data saved in the guest account's profile will not persist beyond the current login session. The profile is overwritten with a new copy on every login.

What if the guest needs restricted access to a network file share or other resources?

Guests that will require access to network folders or other internal resources should register for a HawkID in advance. The form at can be used to create and send an invitation.