New Faculty Research Award Proposal Guidelines

Please organize your proposal into the following six categories and follow the suggested page limits (single-spaced pages).

  1. Specific Aims (1/2 page)
    Describe your research questions/hypotheses and identify the specific aims.
  2. Significance (1/2 to 1 pages)
    Establish that your project addresses an important problem. Describe how successful completion of these aims will fill existing research gaps or will contribute to moving the field forward. Also, briefly explain the relevance of the proposed work to the CPH mission.
  3. Innovation (1/2 to 1 page)
    Describe novel concepts, approaches or methodologies used in the research.
  4. Methods (3 pages)
    • Describe the populations, databases, or clinical/public health material to be used.
    • Describe the methodology including: sample selection and sample size, assay or measurement techniques, and plans for data summary and analyses.
  5. Future Direction (1/4 – 1/2 page)
    Describe future projects that might flow from this research. Identify specific funding agencies you expect would accept such future research application.
  6. Budget and Justification (1 page)
    Include itemized requested amounts and justification.
  7. References/Bibliography