Office of Instructional Support and Learning Technologies

The College of Public Health Office of Instructional Support and Learning Technologies serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and students to provide best practices in instructional strategies, learning applications, and communication technologies.

Faculty Services

Our office assists CPH faculty in developing a systematic approach to organizing instruction and evaluation strategies. We achieve this through group training events, university lead workshops, and just in time one on one meetings.

We provide the following services to CPH faculty for both learning application support as well as instructional design support.

  • Course and instructional design consultation
  • Learning technologies support
  • Evaluation strategies for learners
  • Teaching strategies to promote active learning
  • Communication applications for distance learning
  • ICON course assistance
    • TA access to learning applications
    • Content import from prior ICON courses
  • Integrating learning application (Panopto, Zoom, Learning Modules)
  • Assistance with remote guest and faculty lectures
  • Strategies for teaching at a distance
  • Video and still media capture for education

Supported Learning Applications

The integration of instructional tools and learning applications is common practice for online, blended, and traditional classroom settings.

The College of Public Health’s Office of Learning Technologies serves as the collegiate point of contact for university supported learning applications.

The most used learning applications are Learning Management Systems (LMS). ICON, the university’s LMS, allows a faculty member to deliver course content, quizzing/evaluation, and provide discussion space all in an online, password-protected learning environment.

Multiple learning applications can be integrated  to provide a robust and rich learning environment.

The following learning applications are supported by this office and the University of Iowa:

  • ICON (Learning Management System – Online Classroom)
  • Panopto (Lecture Capture)
  • Zoom (Videoconferencing)
  • TopHat Student Response (clickers)
  • Turn It In (Plagiarism Detection Software)
  • WiKi (Collaborative Workspace)
  • Webinar (Large Event Video Broadcast)
  • Kaltura (Media Storage and Streaming Service)

For just-in-time training email

Staff Services

Many of the applications used in the classroom can also be utilized by staff and administration in the workplace.

The following are applications that are supported by this office and can be utilized by CPH staff.

  • Audio capture for meeting minutes
  • Interactive video solutions for conferences & meetings
  • New faculty learning technology orientation
  • Lecture capture for job recruits
  • Audience / meeting response solutions

Student Services

Students are integrally interwoven into the academic and research success of the College of Public Health. Special student access exists for many of the learning applications on campus, such as TA access to ICON or setting up a video conference call for a potential internship.

The following are service provided to CPH learners by this office:

  • TA ICON assistance
  • Zoom video conference account set up
  • Media assistance for student organizations
  • College of Public Health resource for distance learners

Contact Information (preferred)
Cell 319-430-7650
Office 319-335-9643

Important Resources

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