The College’s strategic plan was developed as a ‘living initiative’ that guides annual objectives and measures to assure continued momentum in the growth and success of our college.

The initiative emerged from a process that was participatory and aspirational and that culminated with the articulation of four primary aspirational and institutional goals related to student success, research and discovery, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and engagement along with key objectives to achieve these goals. These objectives will guide annual work plans that focus on tactical initiatives and performance outcomes.

Summary of Strategic Goals

The strategic goals represent what we as a college deem to be important, but also our expectations for what we want to improve and what we want our college to look like in the future.

  • Student Success – Recruit and prepare students to succeed through exemplary public health knowledge, skills and leadership and empower them for lifelong learning and continual discovery.
  • Research and Discovery – Conduct innovative, collaborative, and partner-engaged research to solve vital public health issues.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into research, education, and engagement within a collegiate atmosphere of respect, authenticity, cultural competence, and humility.
  • Engagement – Engage within our collegiate community and with our stakeholders across Iowa, the nation, and the world in strategic partnerships to enhance the health of communities.

Download the 2021-26 Strategic Plan