About the Public Health Major

The College of Public Health offers the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA) in public health and the Bachelor of Science (BS) in public health. If you are interested in the health sciences, are socially-minded, and want to help people on a large scale, public health might be for you.

Both of our degree options provide you with a basic understanding of the five core public health knowledge areas: biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, epidemiology, health policy and management, and occupational and environmental health sciences. No matter which program you choose, you will be prepared to enter the workforce or continue your education into areas such as public health, medical school, or other professional health sciences schools and beyond.

The BA program is for those of you who have an interest in political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and other social sciences, and public health. BA students will complete course work in the social sciences and humanities in addition to the public health core courses.

The BS program is for students interested in biomedical sciences such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, and public health. BS students will complete additional required course work in the natural sciences, mathematics, or computer sciences with their public health course work.

The Public Health Interest Designation is for students who are not sure if they want to declare public health as a major. Students who are interested in public health may be eligible to apply to the College of Public Health’s undergraduate degree programs if they meet the standard admission requirements.

Certificate in Public Health

The Certificate in Public Health is intended for non-public health majors and anyone interested in obtaining knowledge about public health concepts to enhance their ability to succeed in their chosen field. Students completing the Certificate in Public Health will have an understanding of emerging issues in public health, the social and behavioral aspects of preventing disease, environmental health concepts, and the changing health care system in the U.S.

Undergrad to Grad Degree Programs

If you know you want to continue your public health studies by getting a graduate degree in public health, our Undergrad to Grad degree program may be right for you! This allows you to earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.

Pursuing a combined degree allows you to further explore your interest in the field of public health, expedite time to degree–five years versus the typical six years–and save money by cutting one year of tuition!

Undergraduate to graduate degree options are open to all undergraduate majors at the university. Visit here for more information about our undergrad-to-grad degree options.