Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health

The Certificate in Public Health is intended for non-public health majors and anyone interested in obtaining knowledge about public health concepts to enhance their ability to succeed in their chosen field. Students completing the Certificate in Public Health will have an understanding of emerging issues in public health, the social and behavioral aspects of preventing disease, environmental health concepts, and the changing health care system in the U.S.


The Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health requires 18 s.h. of courses taken at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in certificate coursework. Course work in the certificate may not be taken pass/nonpass.  Students must begin the certificate with CPH:1400 Fundamentals of Public Health, which provides and introduction to the field of public health. Students cannot earn both a degree in Public Health and a Certificate in Public Health. Requirements are listed below. Please note that requirements changed starting Fall 2017. If you were admitted to the Certificate (not the university) before fall 2017, you may follow the old requirements.

Core Courses (6 s.h.)
CPH:1400 – Fundamentals of Public Health (Must be completed before, or concurrent with, other courses. Offered Fall and Spring sessions. Registration for the online section is restricted for all students.)
CPH:1600 – Public Health Science (Offered Spring sessions.)

Required courses (9 s.h. from the following courses)
CPH:1800 – Social and Psychological Determinants of Health (Offered Spring sessions.)
CPH:2400 – The US Health System in a Global Context (Offered Spring sessions.)
CPH:3400 – Health , Work and the Environment (Offered Spring sessions.)
CPH:3500 – Global Public Health (Offered Fall sessions.)

Electives (3 s.h.)
May include any of the courses listed under “required” or in the following range: CPH:2200-2399 or CPH:3200-3399.

CPH:2200 – Climageddon: A Crisis for Public Health (Offered fall sessions.)

CPH:2220 – Building a Healthier Tomorrow: Public Health Methods to Minimize Disease and Pollutant Exposures(Offered spring 2018.)
CPH:2230 – Finding Patient Zero: The Exploration of Infectious Disease Transmission and Pandemic Threats (Offered fall sessions.)
CPH:3200 – Death at Work: Case Studies of Workplace Safety and Health (Offered spring 2019.)
CPH:3210 – Nutrition in Public Health (Offered fall 2018.)
CPH:3220 – Public Health as a Public Good: Economics and Decision Making in Public Health Systems (Offered fall 2018.)
CPH:3230 – Human Genetics and Public Health (Offered fall 2018.)

Declaring the Certificate and Certificate Advising

Starting the Fall 2017 session, students may declare the certificate in MyUI. Primary/major advisors can also declare the certificate for their students.

Kim Williams is the certificate advisor. Students pursuing the Certificate in Public Health must complete a plan of study and submit it to Kim Williams.


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