CPHS Analytic Support

Statistical Analysis Services

We provide a variety of data management and statistical analysis services, from simple data preparation support to full time project statisticians. We can help you find and perform the appropriate statistical procedures for your data.

  • Data Management and Compilation
    • Development of efficient data management strategies
    • Assistance with development of data forms or questionnaires
    • Entry of data and design of forms
  • Power Calculations
    • Study design
    • Sample size and power calculations
    • Simulation studies
    • Effect size calculations
  • Reporting and Graphical Summarization
    • Data visualization
    • Writing of reports for scientific publication
  • Statistical Analysis (selection and performance of analyses most appropriate for collected data)
    • General statistics including ANOVA and regression
    • Longitudinal data analysis of repeated measures
    • Linear and non-linear mixed models
    • Hierarchical linear mixed models
    • Survival analysis
    • Sample survey analysis
    • Spatial statistics
    • Bayesian methods of analysis
  • Software Development/Assistance
    • With tools including: R, SAS, SPSS, Win BUGS, SQL
  • Public Health Program Evaluation

To formally request our services, please submit a Support Request through University Workflow. If you do not have a HawkID please contact us using regular email at cph-bcc@uiowa.edu.


Initial 1-hour consultation is free to all.

Consulting fees for services provided by faculty are charged at $120 per hour.

Statistical consulting work provided by Biostatistics graduate student staff (under faculty supervision) is charged as follows:

  • College of Public Health students: consulting fees are free for up to 5 hours
  • All other University of Iowa students: $40 per hour
  • Other University of Iowa members: $70 per hour
  • External to university: $120 per hour

Long term student consulting services will be charged at the following rates:

  • 10 hours a week $2,100 a month
  • 20 hours a week $4,000 a month

Questions or comments?

Contact us via email at cph-cphs@uiowa.edu.