New Faculty Research Award

Purpose: To assist CPH primary faculty in collecting preliminary data or pilot studies leading to larger projects.

Eligibility: The principal investigator/applicant must be a primary faculty member in the College of Public Health, any rank or track. The principal investigator’s first CPH faculty appointment must have been no earlier than January 1, 2020. Priority will be given to newly appointed faculty and junior faculty. Prior recipients of the New Faculty Research Award and the Early Career Scholar Award are not eligible to apply.

Awards: It is anticipated that up to two awards with funding of $10,000 each will be made.


  1. Scientific merit, including originality
  2. Relevance to UI public health mission
  3. Likelihood of subsequent extramural funding

Deadline: Applications are due by 5 p.m. November 1, 2023.

Applications: Please read and follow the proposal guidelinesAll applications must be completed online and submitted using the online application form. You will need to upload your proposal, CV, and DEO endorsement.

Budget: Awards will be made for the 2024 calendar year. It is required that awarded funds be utilized within this time period. Funds not utilized by December 31, 2024, will revert to the originating collegiate research account. Funds awarded may not be used for faculty salaries. Up to $1,000 of approved funds may be used to provide travel for the P.I. to present research results at a national meeting. A portion of the project funds can be used for local travel for research activities, e.g. data collection efforts in the state. No other travel expenses are permitted.

Final Report:

  1. A brief final written report might be required to be submitted to the CPH Research Office. The brief report will consist of approximately three pages to include the following:
    1. Statement of aims and rationale for the project
    2. Description of the activities that were conducted and major findings
    3. A brief (5 or so sentences) description of the project suitable for a lay audience
    4. Publications, presentations or other dissemination activities (i.e. community meetings,  press release, policy brief, etc.)
    5. Summary of how funds were used
    6. Future direction of the project
  2. Award recipients may be requested to present a brief summary of the project at an event such as a CPH Open Forum or the CPH Pilot Project Fair. Arrangements for the presentation will be made in coordination with the Research Office.
  3. Award recipients will be recognized at the CPH Awards Ceremony in the year the award is received (Spring 2024).

Evaluation: The CPH Research Council will review and rank applications by evaluating the project’s significance, research plan, relationship to CPH mission, and likelihood of subsequent extramural research funding.