Campus planning publishes building traffic flow guidelines

Published on July 30, 2020

UI Campus Planning, in collaboration with campus building coordinators, has created guidelines for managing the flow of foot traffic through campus buildings in order to minimize the transmission of the coronavirus that leads to COVID-19.

The guidelines seek to promote physical distancing and reduce the number of contact points, such as door handles, which can be vectors for disease transmission.

In general, all suites in university buildings will have designated entrances and exits as well as traffic flow to reduce the number of “collisions” between people. In places where one-way traffic isn’t indicated or possible, building users should move as far as possible to the right. When routes are not ADA accessible, mobility impaired persons are exempt from following the suggested route.

Also, only one person at a time should use shared kitchenettes and workrooms, and students should take care not to congregate outside classrooms before or after class.

In the College of Public Health Building in particular, the open staircases in the atrium — including the stairs by the cafe and the stairs to the lower lever — are to only be used for going UP. To go down, use the enclosed fire escape stairs behind the doors near the main floor drinking fountains. People should enter departmental suites thru their main entrance doors and exit thru the door nearest the restrooms. Hallways around the restrooms on floors 2‐5 will be two‐directional, please be mindful as you pass others.

Cleaning products will be available for employee and student use in the classroom and within departmental suites. Units are asked to remove any clutter from surfaces in shared spaces (reception areas, workrooms, etc.) to aid in efficient cleaning.

When using shared spaces, users are required to clean/disinfect any surfaces/appliances touched. And above all, remember that face coverings are required in all areas inside the building, except for when in your personal office alone with the door closed.