CPH Logos and Templates

The words and images we choose; the symbols, fonts, and colors we use; and the stories we tell all help convey our brand. The resources on this page and the University of Iowa brand manual web site are designed to help you communicate your message in a way that is compelling to your audiences, distinctive from our peer institutions, and true to our identity as an institution. The College of Public Health and its academic and administrative units are part of the University of Iowa brand and must align with the institutional visual identity.

CPH Logos

NOTE: The PNG format is best for screens and for small print applications, such as Word. PNG logos should not be used for large signage or swag. The EPS format is better for higher resolution printing.

To download, right click on the logo link below that is appropriate for your needs. Select “Save Link As,” and choose where you wish to save the file. Insert the image file into your project.

If you need assistance with logos or a different approved color variation, contact cph-communications@uiowa.edu.

PNG Files for Screen Use

EPS Files for Print Use

Department Logos

PNG Files for Screen Use

EPS Files for Print Use

University of Iowa Block IOWA Logo

The University of Iowa Block Iowa logo and guidelines for its use.

CPH PowerPoint Templates

Editorial Style Guides

The University of Iowa uses predominantly AP style, with some exceptions. Consult the UI editorial style guide for more instruction and details.

The University has also developed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Style Guide that attempts to answer common questions and provide thoughtful guidance on topics that may be encountered when creating and/or editing content.

E-mail Signatures

Guidelines and instructions for setting up email signatures.

Poster Resources

Poster Templates

PowerPoint templates for large format poster presentations.

Other Templates

Find a library of Iowa brand templates for event promotion, name tags, stationary, HTML email, and more.

Zoom Backgrounds

Choose from a collection of College of Public Health photos and backgrounds sized for Zoom.


If you have questions about appropriate use of the logo and brand, please email cph-communications@uiowa.edu.