View the CPH Spotlight webinar on COVID-19

In case you missed the July 15 CPH Spotlight on COVID-19 testing and modeling, you can view a recording of the webinar. The panelists included Michael Pentella, Grant Brown, and Caitlin Ward. Published July 16, 2020

Iowa courts resume face-to-face services with safety precautions

Face-to-face court services resumed in Iowa following health and safety recommendations provided by numerous experts including Fred Gerr, CPH professor of occupational and environmental health. (The Gazette) Published July 16, 2020

CPH partners on Fueling the Future project

A grant from the CPH's Business Leadership Network is helping to fund a training program in Muscatine called "Fueling the Future." CPH researchers will also help evaluate the design and outcomes of the project. (Muscatine Journal) Published July 16, 2020

Petersen comments on uptick in COVID-19 cases

Local public health experts, including CPH professor Christine Petersen, blame the recent spike in positive COVID-19 cases in Johnson County on a lack of social distancing and lack of face coverings. (Daily Iowan) Published July 16, 2020

Register for Exploring White Identity for Effective Allyship workshop

The Exploring White Identity workshop is for people who want to learn about, discuss, and reflect on the inherent privileges that come with being white. This workshop is open to all faculty, staff, and students and will be held virtually via Zoom. Published July 16, 2020

Gilbert discusses alcohol consumption and spread of COVID-19

Paul Gilbert, CPH assistant professor of community and behavioral health, was interviewed about the role that alcohol consumption may play in contracting and transmitting the COVID-19. (Daily Iowan) Published July 15, 2020

External funding supports a wide range of research at Iowa

Research funding at the University of Iowa in Fiscal Year 2020 is helping power a wide array of investigations, including CPH professors Patrick O'Shaughnessy and Peter Thorne's work on developing improved personal protective equipment. (OVPR) Published July 15, 2020

COVID upsurge demands all-hands effort

Stephanie Leonard, an industrial hygienist at the University of Iowa, recently wrote about the uptick in COVID-19 cases in Iowa and the need to adhere to the practices proven successful in limiting transmission. (Iowa Farmer Today) Published July 15, 2020

Global Public Health Initiative issues annual report

The CPH Global Public Health Initiative has released an abbreviated annual report for the 2019-2020 academic year. Catch up on the past year's developments. Published July 14, 2020

“Preparing to Learn” video available

A video of the webinar "Preparing to Learn: COVID-19 Health and Safety Precautions for Schools" is now available for viewing. Speakers included Corinne Peek-Asa, Fredric Gerr, Renee Anthony, Michael Pentella, Michael Edmond, and Caitlin Pedati. Published July 14, 2020


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