Webinar series on perinatal depression begins Oct. 29

Published on October 1, 2020

Perinatal Depression Research Engagement Webinar Series

Oct. 29, Nov 5, and Nov. 12 | 3 p.m.


Depression during the perinatal period affects 12% of women in the United States and can be a major pregnancy complication, causing adverse outcomes for both mothers and their infants if left untreated. Addressing perinatal depression must be a national priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has created several barriers to accessing treatment, such as the closing of health care facilities, the lack of childcare, over-reliance on the internet, the suspension of home visiting programs, and furloughs for primary care providers, to name a few. The rate of births has not decreased. At the same time, need for effective mental health treatments has only increased as the pandemic increases mental health challenges.

The target audience for this webinar series is women in the perinatal period who are experiencing (or who have experienced) the situations mentioned above, as well as health care providers and researchers interested in partnering in ways to improve patient-centered effectiveness research in those impacted by COVID.