Scientific Staff Advancement Award will provide training to CTSDMC teams

Published on March 2, 2021

Congratulations to Janel Fedler, director of biostatistics and data sharing at the Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center (CTSDMC), for receiving the Scientific Staff Advancement Award from the CPH Research Office. The funds will be used to provide CTSDMC staff with development and educational training to implement the CDISC standards.

Fedler described the training project in her proposal: “As academic researchers, the CTSDMC staff must keep pace as the field of clinical research evolves. Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) is a global organization that has developed standards for collecting, structuring, and sharing research data. The CDISC standards are growing in recognition and are now required for submission to the leading regulatory agencies. The ability to implement CDISC standards is a highly valued and marketable skill in the research community.

“The CDISC training will provide staff on the biostatistics and data management teams with a strong foundation to begin implementing the CDISC standards. The training will build on their individual skill portfolios. Adding this innovative service will open valuable project opportunities for the staff at the CTSDMC. To our knowledge, the CTSDMC would be the only organization within the College of Public Health and the University of Iowa trained in CDSIC compliant research.

“We envision the suite of CDISC standards could be a collaborative service offered to all university researchers. This would ensure research conducted at the university would be at the forefront of industry standards as well as demonstrate the commitment of university scientists to preserve and share robust data. The benefits of this investment will extend well beyond the CTSDMC.”

The  award, funded by the College of Public Health Research Office, aims to support professional advancement of College of Public Health Professional and Scientific Staff, recognizing the critical role that scientific staff play in the collegiate research enterprise and the need for resources to support professional growth.